About the adventures of Choubaka

Choubaka is a legendary creature that few humans have had the opportunity to cross one day on their way and is known in the various solar systems of the galaxy under several pseudonyms: Cousin Machin, Yowie-Whowie, Almasty, Miss Wouki, Chewbacca, Captain Cavern or Yeti Caribbean. This mysterious humanoid character would live today, according to the accounts of certain anthropologists or ethnologists, on an island lost at the edge of the oceans of planet Earth. He leads an existence there in all ordinary appearance, but however quite voluptuous and sometimes even incredible, his life being enamelled of many vicissitudes. Under the amused and complicit gaze of Shadoko, his own photographer, Choubaka poses positively and willingly lets himself be portrayed daily in his humble abode, traveling in far-off lands; on land, at sea or in the air; in the countryside, in the city or in the jungle; in familiar, unusual or picturesque places; in improbable or otherwise absolutely banal situations. Welcome to the quirky universe of Choubaka and Shadoko.

Portrait de Choubaka et Shadoko

Note: any resemblance, or similarity with existing or existing characters and facts, can only be a pure coincidence.