Boarding for Marie-Galante

⛴️ Episode #1: Boarding for Marie-Galante
Originally named Touloukaera (the island of red crabs) in the third century AD by Arawak Indians from the Amazon, the island was occupied from the ninth century by the people of the Kalinagos from Venezuela who called it Aichi (cotton ground). The Europeans discovered the island on November 3, 1493 during the second expedition of Christopher Columbus, the latter will name it after the name of his flagship Maria-Galanda. The first French settlers then settled on the island in 1648. It was one of the battlegrounds during the war which opposed in the Antilles the French to the English and was also a land of slavery until 1848, with the culture tobacco, indigo, coffee, cotton, then sugar cane. Finally, it is on Sunday August 3rd of the year of grace 2014 that Choubaka landed for the first time on the Grande Galette. Then began a love story with this corner of tropical paradise. To be continued…

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