Choubaka champion of Rubik’s Cube

Choubaka became today intergalactic champion of Rubik’s Cube. He owes this unexpected result to months of intensive training with the greatest specialists in the discipline. In particular, he would like to thank two of them, Benji and Willy, famous French Rubik’s Cube experts, promoted by the Queen of England’s Lords of the Cube, recognized as national treasures in Japan, prominent members of the Intergalatic Council of Rubik’s Cube Players, they are members of the High Committee for Cooperation and Development of Rubik’s Cube, they were among the closest students of the great master Takeda Rubikyoda, and their portraits appear on some coins in North Korea. Choubaka would never have reached such a level of dexterity without their precious help.

Choubaka champion of Rubik's Cube