Choubaka in the streets of Terre de Haut

🏠 Choubaka strolls and wanders through the streets and alleys of Terre-de-Haut. A walk that gives him the opportunity to admire the many colorful Creole cabins and other colorful monuments of the village. These homes of sinful sailors, with corrugated roofs, offer a wide range of bright and shimmering colors, like the inhabitants of the island, happy and warm. Terre-de-Haut is definitely a true paradise, timeless, with the singular sweetness of life. Choubaka keeps an unforgettable memory of those happy days spent in the Saintes archipelago.

Nota bene: these photos were taken in June 2017 (especially Sunday, June 18, day of Corpus Christi where the Saintois had decorated their houses), that is to say 3 months before the passage of hurricane Maria in the West Indies.