Choubaka in jail

🏚️ Choubaka accidentally discovered the remains of an old prison while walking on the island of Grande Terre in Guadeloupe. The ruined building is located not far from the famous Slave Steps at Petit-Canal and dates back to the 19th century. It reigns a particularly strange atmosphere in this abandoned place, where stand still dilapidated walls and a few bars dungeons. An atmosphere enhanced by the central presence of a sprawling and majestic shortleaf fig tree, whose root lattice has enclosed almost entirely the stones of the building. The huge tree is a remarkable ficus citrifolia from the family of strangler figs, an arboreal species with multiple trunks, well known and feared in the Caribbean for the destructive power of its ramifications. West Indian myths and legends mention this sacred tree, it would house spirits and would be particularly conducive to the rituals of black magic or voodoo.