Choubaka visits Marie-Galante

☀️ Episode #2 : Choubaka visits Marie-Galante
Choubaka leaves to discover this large patty of 15km in diameter, floating off Guadeloupe. The island now has just over 12,000 inhabitants, spread over 3 municipalities: Capesterre, Grand-Bourg and Saint-Louis. The population is rural and its economy remains mainly oriented towards agriculture. The cultivation of sugar cane is predominant with 3 distilleries and a sugar factory. Then come the fishery and the tourism that is growing very slowly on the island. If the sea side offers a multitude of blue gradients, the land side offers an incredible mosaic of greens. The coastline is bordered by cliffs to the north, the rest of the coastline consists mainly of numerous white sandy beaches protected by coral reefs. The interior features rolling countryside, picturesque landscapes, mixing sugar cane fields, forests and mangroves. There is no shortage of activities and Choubaka is spoiled for choice … following the next episode.