Marie-Galante forever

馃寘 Episode #3 (final) : Marie-Galante forever
Marie-Galante is first of all a multitude of large beaches of white sand, lined with coconut trees and little frequented. The lagoons protected by a coral reef shelter turquoise and calm blue waters, suitable for canoeing. Tens of kilometers of footpaths make it possible to visit to the rhythm of the walk the littoral and the interior of the lands. The island with 100 mills is also a land of history, there are still 72 mills out of the 106 that counted the island at the beginning of the XIX century. Many monuments or places still bear witness to the colonial era and slavery, such as the ruins of indigoteries, the infamous Mare au Punch, the Murat and Roussel-Trianon dwellings, the ruins of old sugar factories, etc. The cultivation of sugar cane is currently still predominant with the production of brown sugar, syrup of drums and rum. Marie-Galante is renowned for its 59 掳 rum produced in the Bielle, Bellevue and P猫re Labat distilleries, which offer daily visits and tastings. At last Marie-Galante is a sweetness of life and traditions preserved like quadrille balls, games of dominoes, fishing, racing of oxen pulling (there are even races of pulling kiddies and crabs pulling). A small enchanting island that contains many treasures.