Choubaka lumberjack

🌳 Before the arrival of the winter season and its first frost, Choubaka turns into a real woodcutter….

Marie-Galante forever

🌅 Episode #3 (final): Marie-Galante forever Marie-Galante is first and foremost a multitude of immense beaches of white…

Choubaka visits Marie-Galante

☀️ Episode #2: Choubaka visits Marie-Galante Choubaka goes to discover this large 15km diameter slab floating off Guadeloupe….

Boarding for Marie-Galante

⛴️ Episode #1: Boarding for Marie-Galante Originally named Touloukaera (the island of red crabs) in the third century…

Choubaka in white and black

⚰️ Choubaka, dressed in black and white, takes us to Morne-à-l’Eau, visit a unique cemetery and pay tribute…

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