Choubaka in jail

Choubaka en prison

🏛️ Choubaka accidentally discovered the remains of an old prison while walking on the island of Grande Terre in Guadeloupe. The ruined building is located not far from the famous Slave Steps at Petit-Canal and dates back to the 19th century. It reigns a particularly strange atmosphere in this abandoned …

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Choubaka champion of Rubik's Cube

Choubaka champion de Rubik's Cube

🏆 Choubaka became today intergalactic champion of Rubik’s Cube. He owes this unexpected result to months of intensive training with the greatest specialists in the discipline. In particular, he would like to thank two of them, Benji and Willy, famous French Rubik’s Cube experts, promoted by the Queen of England’s …

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Marie-Galante forever

🌴 Episode #3 (final) : Marie-Galante forever Marie-Galante is first of all a multitude of large beaches of white sand, lined with coconut trees and little frequented. The lagoons protected by a coral reef shelter turquoise and calm blue waters, suitable for canoeing. Tens of kilometers of footpaths make it …

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Choubaka visits Marie-Galante

☀️ Episode #2 : Choubaka visits Marie-Galante Choubaka leaves to discover this large patty of 15km in diameter, floating off Guadeloupe. The island now has just over 12,000 inhabitants, spread over 3 municipalities: Capesterre, Grand-Bourg and Saint-Louis. The population is rural and its economy remains mainly oriented towards agriculture. The …

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